One day, I decided to paint the Bean's room.

I am not a fan of pink. But the Bean is.
So when we asked her what she wanted to paint her room, she of course chose pink.
Because I would be the one to paint it, I 'helped' her choose the palest, softest pink we could find, since we wanted a peaceful room that didn't make everyone who entered it look flushed with fever.

It started out like this ... well, not the pile of stuff in the middle of the room, and not the pink paint around the edges, but you get the idea. The original paint was a pale greenish gray. It looked dirty and the walls had a lot of holes and rough patches from previous patching jobs. I filled in the holes and sanded all the rough bits. When we painted the main living areas in the house before we moved in, we used Valspar Ultra Premium paint in a satin finish. It has held up amazingly well after almost six years, so we went with Valspar again, this time in a semi gloss finish using their Signature paint, which contains primer. It's a little thin, but after cutting in three times and painting two coats, it looks great.
And yes, we went with pink. NOT my choice, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me. After a couple days of work, which included painting a bed frame (used Valspar Ultra high gloss in White for the bed frame and room trim), the room was done!
Ta-dah! Bed: hacked Ikea Mydal bunk bed.
Wish Ikea could have sponsored this room -
almost all the furniture is from there. Like that little table
and chairs that I need to finish painting.
Her kitchen! We moved it up from the family room. 
It used to look like this. Wow. One note: we used Better
Homes and Gardens high gloss enamel in white on the
kitchen. I really do NOT like that paint! It stayed tacky for
months after we painted it and the paint finish still gets
marks if you put something on it, even after over two years
The Valspar Ultra high gloss is MUCH better.
The Bean has been baking cucumbers? Yum?
Almost all her toys are stored in the kitchen, along with
her play food and dishes. The only toys downstairs are the
Mr. Potato Heads. They'll probably make the move soon.
The side of the closet that gets used - the other side has
storage. Her shirts and everyday dresses are on the
bottom, Sunday dresses and jackets are on top.
Those closet rods only go halfway across the closet.
The other side has a weird desk shelf.
I know this will be a surprise, but that's an Ikea dresser.
 I think it's a Hemnes. I like the big drawers. 
Under the loft: B made a semicircle table to stabilize the
ladder, since we didn't put in the bottom bunk.
There was no cross piece to support the bottom of the
ladder and keep it from pushing in on the bottom.
Blue bookshelf: made by her great-grandpa Jerry
when he was in high school. I'm thinking of repainting it.
The blue is a bit much, as are the stars (I painted it
for my oldest when I was expecting him).
I made the cover for the large pillow from Ikea fabric.
Because of course I did.
Another large pillow I made. The bear was given to BF
by his grandpa J when he was a year old.
The sad buffalo is from Capitol Reef area and the
R2D2 is from Disneyland. The Ikea Trofast bins
hold dress-up clothes and more stuffed animals.
Shoes behind the door, extra blankets in a basket.
We have a lot of blankets because a lot of them
 are handmade and I refuse to get rid of handmade stuff.
You can see the pink walls are a pretty pale shade.
Doesn't make me want to scream.
The light and ceiling medallion were here when
we bought the house, as was the wall shelf and the
cornice above the window. B put in a dimmer switch,
so the light acts as her nightlight as well.
Green curtains: light blocking, Target.
Her bed. It's crazy. I've given up on having it look nice.
She loves Minnie Mouse and all her dolls and stuffed
animals, so there are tons on her bed. We put in a piece
of wood and her toddler mattress on the top bunk,
so she has a platform around the side and bottom of her bed.
Her doll bed (Ikea, duh) and doll playpen are up there, too.
Her Build-A-Bear Tinkerbell Kitty named Princess,
more stuffed animals ... The blanket on the platform is one I
made while I was pregnant with Bean.
The dresser - still trying to figure out how to coral
 the hair stuff. Star garland: from her aunt.
Hair clips: most made by me. Magnet board: Roberts Craft
(years ago!), spray painted pink by me. So handy to
hold hair clips, but not big enough for how many we have.
Above her kitchen. Chick: Target.
Bird print: Fall Down Tree on Etsy.
Granny square hoop: stolen from her yarn queen aunt.
Shells: Cancun. Tea set: gift from grandma J.
Bambi box: from when grandma D was little.
It  holds some of her baby shoes.
I think they're considered vintage now, ha!
The doll is Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary,
and belonged to her great-grandma.
Tole painted little girls: made by her grandma J.
I love all the handmade and hand-me-down items in her room. The doll and the bookshelf are especially cherished, since we've lost both my grandma and grandpa. 
The other great thing about this room is that Bean loves it. And man, am I glad she does! It would be hard to change it back.