I'm going to teach my sons important things.

I am currently done with all the schoolwork I can do. I'm waiting for a paper to go through grading but seriously, there really isn't anything I can do right now. All this freedom! What to do! For starters, I've been doing some thinking. Non-school-related thinking. Allow me to share what this thinking has come up with.
Put this kid to work!
My sons are now 9 and 13 (You: "gah! no way! you look too young to have a 13-year-old!"). I want them to be useful members of society, but also to not drive any future roommates or spouses crazy. Therefore, I will teach them things! I also like to have goals, and I like to have ones I can work on with the boys. Here are our goals for the next couple months:

  1. How to cook five meals well. I mean dinner meals, and no, this doesn't include ramen noodles. They already know how to make ramen. I am talking things like pot roast, taco soup and chicken alfredo. Meals they already love, but that seem to have a touch more effort put into them. If it goes further than the five meals, great. If not? At least they will be able to do more than pour cereal into a bowl.
  2. How to do laundry. We're doing pretty good with this. They can sort clothes, start the washer, switch them to the dryer, etc. The part about actually getting all the clothes into the hamper in the first place is proving trickier. We shall persevere. 
  3. How to clean the kitchen. We're doing not as well with this. Our kitchen is the most used room in the entire house, and is a bit lacking in command central potential. They know how to do dishes and everything, but it's hard to clean off tables and counters when they have a bunch of homework and mail on them. Need to work on this. 
These three things should help set them up pretty well. 
What else is happening: 
  • I'm on a bit of a break from school, or I will be after my last assignment is graded. I will start student teaching in a local high school in January. 
  • I spent Monday evening at the ER due to a kidney stone, which I passed today, hallelujah! Also TMI, but oh well. 
  • B's work is going through a major shake-up (for us). I know everything will turn out fine, but it's hard to get the news with zero prior notice and waiting to know what's going to happen. 
  • The boys are doing great in school, and the Bean is kind of a tyrant, but pretty much awesome.

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