That's good! That's bad!

For today's irregularly schedule blog post, let's go back in time, to ... this morning. Shall we see how the day has gone?
First off? Gratuitous photo, not from this morning.
Memory Grove, April 3, SILLY KID!
Moving on.
I slept in a bit this morning (like, 20 minutes).
Oh, that's good! No, that's bad!
Not only did I have to make sure the boys were ready for school, which is usually no big deal and does not require me to get out of my jammies, I also had to have The Bean and I ready (sleeping in did NOT help), so she and BF could go to the allergist.
Oh, that's bad! No, that's good!
It was just a check-up for both of them. BF has environmental allergies up the wazoo, but they appear to be well under control. The Bean has food allergies and had to be tested again.
Oh, that's good! No, that's bad!
While she's been tested before without problems, the lady testing the Bean pushed the test prongs pretty hard into her back. The Bean was pretty irritated for the 15 minutes they had to wait for a reaction.
Oh, that's bad! No, that's good!
The test still showed a reaction to eggs, which I expected, but the milk reaction was WAY less than in used to be and the peanut reaction was nonexistent. So nonexistent, in fact, that I had to remind the doctor she had a peanut allergy.
Oh, that's good! No, that's bad!
The skin test results meant that we needed to move to the next test level to see if she still has a peanut or milk allergy. Which means a blood test. Which means taking blood from my 2 year old. Which means I have to hold down a 2 year old while people stick her with needles.
Oh, that's bad! No, that's good!
While it isn't fun, good result on the blood test means she's just a step away from being declared allergy free! So, off to the lab on the elevator we went! Conveniently, the lab was just one floor down from the allergist. 
Oh, that's good! No, that's bad!
That lab isn't not covered by our insurance. At all. So we had to leave for the next lab.
Oh, that's bad! No, that's good!
The Bean had her blood drawn just up the road at the Instacare, which we love. The phlebotomist was really sweet with her and it was pretty quick. The Bean didn't cry much and recovered quickly (she was more concerned about a bit of road rash she got on her leg earlier in the morning). And she got a sucker! We also needed to go to Target to refill prescriptions, so I decided a trip to Menchie's for some dairy free goodness was needed!
Oh, that's good! No, that's bad!
Public Service Announcement: When you get to Target, you should check to make sure the only set of keys to your van is on your person before locking the car door.  
Oh, that's bad! No, that's good!
It took two phone calls (one to my friend to get the number of the locksmith that lives in my neighborhood, one to the locksmith) to get someone to help. The locksmith (Fuller's! Super nice guy!) was just up the road, which was VERY lucky (since he works all over the county), so ten minutes later I had my keys!
Oh, that's good! No, that's bad!
While ten minutes is not a long time to wait for your car to be opened, it is a VERY long time for a little girl that can climb out of any cart (and her mother who has to control her in a busy parking lot) to wait for Menchie's. She was threatened with NO Menchie's!
Oh, that's bad! No, that's good!
I was actually able to talk her out of throwing a fit REALLY fast, which is a HUGE deal for her, so she got Menchie's after all! She sat in the cart waiting patiently. She was even very good at Target, so it was a welcome end to a stressful day! (Yes, I know the day is only half over, but I've decided the stressful part is over). 

Oh, that's good! No, that's GREAT!* 


*Well, great except for the part where I had to pay for our prescriptions. Epi-pens, people! So expensive for something you really, REALLY don't ever want to have to use! Why do they have to expire? I have two unused ones, just mocking me with their expiredness!

** Anyone recognize the book this post is styled after? One of my favorite children's books ever!