This is how March is going to be.

B starts training for work on Monday that lasts through June, and I'm finishing up my semester this month, so it's going to be a little crazy around our house. Should be fun. Sure.
Now for a list. Ten things that pop into my mind. Go!
  1. We found these awesome shoes at Ross. They were size 18 .. a bit big for the Bean. If they were smaller, I would have gotten them for my brother. He shares my love of orange. I'm sure his wife is so sad these weren't his size! 
  2. These really were as awesome as they look! 
  3. The kids are watching Veggie Tales. I'm going to be stuck on the Dance of the Cucumber all day, which should be fun for everyone around me. I'm going to the grocery store today and when I see the tomatoes, I'll think about how sad they are and how they cannot dance. 
  4. We bought Hugo and are going to watch it tonight. The guys have seen it, but the girls haven't. We're having friends over and eating tacos, which is what JKT would eat every day if we let him. 
  5. I'm working on a paper about cultures in Utah. I'm having a hard time finding/determining which sources are primary versus secondary. I need a lot of primary sources. Any tips figuring out which is which? 
  6. The Bean is sitting on my lap, making it very hard for me to type. She likes to do this when I'm practicing the piano, too. It's a lot harder on the piano because she plays along. 
  7. Snap Circuits are awesome. We have two sets that we've had for over a year, but the boys had barely touched them until this week. Now they are EVERYWHERE, but it's worth it. We have Snap Circuits Green and Snap Circuits Jr. and both boys (ages 8 and 12) play with them, but I think BFT (who is 12) may need harder projects. 
  8. The Bean is obsessed with drawing. She draws circles and straight lines and little people on every piece of paper we let her get her hands on. 
    See the little people/heads at the bottom! She says this is a picture of
    friends. Nice photobomb, BFT. And she's not really cold, her nails are
    painted blue, just fyi.
    1. I really like this blog. Her sewing projects are cute, she does great tutorials and sew-alongs, and she's funny. And her little girls are ADORABLE. If I get back in the mood to sew, I'm heading straight to her blog and making Bean a bunch of cute things. 
    2. Speaking of blogs, have you noticed a lot of blogs are doing a TON of sponsored posts? It feels like several blogs I used to really like are just posting stuff about free things they are reviewing (which they always seem to love, which makes me question whether they love it out of guilt) or posts about their sponsors. I don't mind them making a buck, but why not occasionally do the kind of posts that brought people to your blog in the first place? 
    3. This is the number ten. 
    4. Just kidding, this can be the 10th thing. B hooked up the fish tank that has sat empty in our living room for over a year. It's 80 gallons, so it's pretty dang big. I was getting annoyed with the empty aquarium, so I threatened to do a nice scene inside it with plastic dinosaurs, maybe some Little People. I'm sure some action figures could make an appearance. Lo and behold, B started getting it together! He put the sand in, and that sat for a couple days, so I put a little T-Rex from Toy Story in there. He didn't appreciate my contribution. It's now all hooked up, with water and everything! Last night we went to PetSmart (someone needs to go there and adopt Markus the cat! He's so very sweet!) for some good pooping fish. It's to get the bacteria levels right, people. Oddly enough, you need some waste to get the filter going correctly to keep things clean. Who knew?
    5. Okay, there's another thing ... while we were at PetSmart by the fish tanks, a fish jumped out of one of the tanks onto the floor and completely freaked out a little boy (maybe 3 years old) that was by us. It was seriously hilarious. His older sister was freaked out, too and her little legs were still shaking ten minutes later!
    Ta dah! Ten things! With bonus things!

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    janabananagirl said...

    Being stuck on "Dance of the Cucumber" is only fun if you sing it in the original Spanish, though I personally prefer "Song of the Cebu" or "Barbara Manatee."