Let's look at The Bean's kitchen again, shall we?

Here's a few more detailed pictures from The Bean's kitchen she got for Christmas. Let's look at what it started out as, shall we?
Nice messy garage! With two tone paint! Fancy.
We started with an oak entertainment center I bought at a yardsale. It had drawers, a glass front cabinet door, and lovely brass hardware. I used a deglosser on the entire thing and primed it before applying 3-4 coats of high gloss enamel. We started this right after Thanksgiving so the paint would have time to cure.
The Bean checks out what's good in the fridge. 
Okay, it's not really a fridge, but it stores her food,
her dishes, and other toys. The curtain I made hides
another storage area. 
We replace the glass in the door with hardboard covered in chalkboard contact paper. I used my Silhouette to make the text and the fork.
The Bean microwaves EVERYTHING.
B made the microwave and I did the numbers on my Silhouette. The handle is from Lowe's. The clock is from Ikea, and the flower from the dollar store.
Glass cooktop ... 
We wanted to make a glass cooktop, so B cut a piece of plexiglass to size, rounded the edges, and painted the back with black spraypaint. The burners are from the Silhouette, and B salvaged the knobs. The countertop was sprayed with texture spray paint. The cap looked like what we wanted, but it ended up being a bit like sandpaper. We would probably go with something else if we were to do it over again.
"Let me show you my oven!" 
B reconfigured the front of the entertainment center, removing the drawers and their frames, and building a new door out of MDF with a false drawer on the bottom. The top handle (and the one on the fridge) is from Ikea, and the small handle is from Lowe's.  
The Bean at play. We do not condone hanging babies in the kitchen.
 We put a double hook on the side for her apron and, um, baby. She has made us many things, from microwaved water to cake. I bought her felt food and many of the dish ware sets from Ikea. Her wonderful "Grandma on the Hill" bought the cutest kitchen set I've ever seen from Costco, too. It came with pink pots and pans and a ceramic tea set. 
Hope this kitchen will be played with for years!