We listened to beautiful music.

I answered the call for helpers on Facebook and was able to volunteer Benson and I to help at a Christmas concert put on by one of my favorite bands, The Lower Lights. We got to help set-up the admissions table and take tickets and stamp hands when people started to arrive. We didn't get to be in the auditorium for many of the songs, but it was great just being there.
This was BF's second Lower Lights concert and my third. The whole group is very nice and will come out and mingle with the audience after the show. We've met many of the band members and BF got to talk with several of them. They put on a great show. There's so many members they don't get to rehearse much, but the lack of polish is totally made up for by their incredible musical skills. There wasn't a song we didn't love.
Inside the venue, the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City. They offer tours,
which we're going to have to do. It was a very cool building.
Ryan Shupe played with the band on their Christmas album. I
remember seeing him play with Peter Breinholt about 14 years ago.
The concert was on a Thursday night, and we got home very late. BF's a trooper! It was such a wonderful night!

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