EVERYONE had to be there, too.

We saw the lights at Temple Square with our friends and half the state of Utah. It was PACKED (it always is). But it was beautiful (as it always is).
The Bean was most definitely NOT COLD on this trip.
The streets looked beautiful from the top of the
Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
Santa Claus visits were a bit hard to come by this year. Our church had an adult only party and the mall Santas? Sheesh. They won't let you take your own pictures and for some reason I wasn't willing to pay for their picture packages (starting at only $24.99!)
My sister found a car dealership in SLC that had Santa visiting. She managed to get all the grandkids there from that side of my family. It was a really cute set-up (think cute fake snow and a vintage firetruck) and we were the only ones there. Not only did they let us take our own pictures, but they had a photographer there who took a bunch of pictures and emailed them to my brother for free. Need to see Santa (or, I guess, buy a car), go to Hinckley Dodge. But not when I'm there. I liked the lack of crowds.
The Bean wouldn't go until after she saw JK visit with Santa and survive.
She was a little unsure, but she had a nice talk with him.
This is the look you give Santa when he starts telling you
the chores you need to do to be good.
Fortunately they were all deemed good. That would have been awkward on Christmas morning, not giving toys to one of them. To be honest, it would probably have been The Bean who got coal.

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