We visited the witches one day.

Sometimes you need to be up for an adventure, right? Don't tell their school, but I checked the boys out early last Thursday so we could visit with out-of-town family. I'm sure they didn't miss much the last hour and a half of class.

My sister-in-law M and my two nephews were visiting from Nevada so we met them and my dad, granddad and another nephew at Gardner Village. We had quite the caravan going, with three strollers, a wheelchair, two 'big boys,' two moms (one with baby in wrap) and my dad. Little B and Little J (think they'll be called BF and JK from here on out ...) each took turns pushing various strollers and chasing around toddlers. JK was a ton of help and got a kick out of pushing his cousin, Davey. BF is old hat at this helping with younger kids thing, so he was less amused. But he obviously had a good time anyway, showing off his muscles.

Most of the gang.
The Bean and her grandpa.
 Thanks for all the fun, guys! We'll caravan strollers with you anytime!

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