Sometimes it's good to let the babies roam free. A photo essay.

Make babies jump to get rid of excess energy.
Go ahead, let them climb on roofs. Barefoot, even!
And slide down dangerous slides ...
The birthday girl braves the heights.
Confession time: This is the roof of a root cellar.
Not high at all. Shh, these girls are still the bravest
of the brave!
Handsome cousin enjoys a roll in honor of the birthday girl.
The moment when the Bean thought we gave her
cousin her beloved Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
book. Wish I'd caught her face just a second later ...
No, dearie. Your copy is at home.
The glasses brigade! My sister and I, with the reason we both need glasses.
This boy melts my heart.
You wish for these kinds of photos,
with his big brown eyes melting your cold, cold heart ...
But this is usually the type of photo you get.
Babies + balloons = screechy giggles and AWESOME hair.
Wrap babies in balloons for even more fun. They were just a blur.
We partied into the early evening, when the light started to fade and it got chilly.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.
Thanks for letting us come play!

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