Other things have happened since school started, some involving bugs.

Firstly, we have the start of Soccer Saturdays.
Some of us are excited.

Some of us are not.

Don't worry kid, there's only 6 more games!
The other day, the Bean opened the front door and sat on the stoop. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, "I'm waiting for Daddy!"

Luckily, he'd already pulled into the driveway. She's not the most patient creature.
It's always good to cool off after all our waiting by running through the neighbor's sprinklers.
Another day, a katydid visited our front steps. Bean called it a monster and did her scared face, complete with jaw shaking.
"A mon-ser! I skeered!"
Then she realized the camera was on her.

After we've been scared by mon-sers, there's always time for loves from Daddy:

B did not run over this frog with the lawn mower, you'll be happy to know.
He did, however, bring it in the house, where it almost got stepped on. But no worries, it's back outside.

And there was some of this over the weekend:
Yay, curlers!
It just made her look like Gene Simmons, with that weird kind of fake volume his hair has. Sorry, no pictures of that.

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