And then school started.

Did you know if you do something the two school years prior, it is now a tradition and it is required that you do it again?
That is how we found ourselves at Cracker Barrel on the morning of August 22. Previous years were spent at McDonald's but this year I just. Could. Not.
Playing the peg game. I did it with only one left. I rule!

Happy with her orange juice, unaware of the impending doom and loneliness ...
Then it was off to school, where I took the obligatory boys-with-their-backpacks-on school shot (forgot to do one on the front steps! Motherhood fail!) with bonus sun-in-their-eyes squint.
Ooo, squinty on the red carpet!

And then the Bean realized the boys were leaving her and we had this:


Maile said...

You are a great mom! Out to breakfast that early....dang girlfriend. I was struggling to get them out the door in time. You rock and so do your kids, squinty eyes and all.

P.S. my eyes are squinty all the time.

~heidi said...

see I am thinking...is it double motherhood fail when you take a pic of them standing facing the sun with squinty eyes? jk. no motherhood fail there, you at least got a pic of them. You just did it by the red carpet :)