This is the post where the boy runs a lot.

Little J ran a 5k. By himself. Well, there were other runners, but he was the only one from our family to run. I'm sick, B can't run, Little B won't run, and the Bean? Well, she'd run but it wouldn't last long. B got himself out of bed early this morning to take Little J down to the local high school for a 5k put on by our LDS stake.
So, he learned some valuable lessons during his running adventure.
Like the importance of stretching.
And pacing yourself.
He took off full speed at the start, staying in 3rd place behind two high school runners, for about 1/4 of a lap (B said one of those runners took 2nd with a time of 18 minutes and change). And then? The wall. He was tuckered before he even finished the first quarter mile! But he kept at it!
I guess another lesson would be enduring to the end?
 Finishing what you start?
Insert some cliche sports saying here?
He earned 5th place in the under-11 division (the 1st place finisher in the under-11 division was 8th overall) with a time of 39:26. He was 44th overall. I don't know how many people raced, but we're guessing about 100 (B said there were two and a half sheets listing the runners and Little J was at the bottom of the first sheet).Wonder how well he would have done if he hadn't tried to keep up with the big boys!
He brought home the course map.
"I want to run it tomorrow."
"Tomorrow is Sunday."
"Then I want to do it Monday."
He was happy to hear there's another 5k next month, put on by our LDS ward. 
Better get caught up on my own training, because he's got the running bug, for sure!

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