There's been a lot of stuff lately.

It would be really awesome if I would update this blog in a timely manner, but meh, not going to happen. So prepare for a post of epic epicness.
I'm not one of those people who dread the end of a school year. I love having my kids home with me, although there are some days I'd like to lock them in the backyard for a couple hours. My boys have been especially wonderful the past couple weeks, even though there's been a lot going on.
Even though I was nervous to do it at first, we brought them to the memorial service for my grandma, who passed away in May. They were so well behaved and respectful during what was a bittersweet time. I honestly couldn't have asked for them to be better behaved. I'm sure they were confused, with so many sad adults around them, but they were so sweet. After the services, we helped move my granddad and the boys were right there, trying to be as helpful as possible.
It's funny to see the differences in personality between the two of them. My nephew needed to be taken care of while my sister helped with the move, and the boys were put on the job, with their two different babysitting styles. Little J pays close attention to his charge, but has very little patience with younger kids. Little B tends to zone out and not watch as closely, but has the patience of a saint when it comes to little kids. If I could just merge the positive traits from both of them into one kid, we'd have the perfect babysitter!
Just so you know, this is what happens when you put a toddler to bed and they realize they can push their crib over to the bookshelf. There were about 5 books in her crib, and more behind it. 
Little J had his birthday during the last week of school and was baptized the day after school got out. He was so excited that whole week for all the birthday festivities (inviting 11 little boys to a birthday party and planning a baptism the same week school gets out is not terribly smart, in case you were wondering). Both events went off without a hitch, and we are so grateful to the wonderful family and friends who helped make things happen and who were able to make it to his baptism. It meant so much!
We purchased several memberships to local museums and attractions through sites like Groupon so we can take our own field trips this year. One place we bought a membership was the Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park. We visited last Friday.

Elsie totally posed in this picture. She was walking along the path and when I said I was going to take her picture, this is how she stopped. She did it several times.

Ack! The boys got haircuts! No more curls!

He's the most dangerous, because no one expects him to be dangerous ...

Wild creatures at the park.

Best biggest brother, ever!

Up next this week, with gratuitous bullets:
  • Cleaning! (Note: In going through stuff in our living room, B found a mix CD I labeled "Music that should make me want to clean." It's not terribly effective.)
  • Scouting stuff! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday!
  • Piano lessons!
  • A visit from Comcast!
I'm living the dream, people.