These are my plans for the year.

The Bean is so excited to talk about "plans," even if we all know they are really goals.
I kind of hate the word goal. So I'll use the word plan! Sweet, problem solved.
There are a lot of people, especially in the scrapbooking world (including my sister), who come up with a word for the year, whether it be something to work on, something they hope for, whatever (idea comes from Ali Edwards).
I tried doing it a couple years ago, but I had a hard time coming up with a word, and I just couldn't stick with it as a theme for the year. But this year, as I read posts about what other people have chosen as their one little word, I actually had a word come to mind. Progress.
Now, I don't just mean it as a noun, or something I can see ("Man, have I made progress on the dishes!") (please let me make progress at something other than dishes this year). I also mean it as something I want to do. I want to progress in many areas. See how I did that? Smooth. I cut the word progress out of vinyl to put on my computer and my bathroom mirror. So we know I'm serious about my one little word. If it's in vinyl, I really mean it, right?
Now, I find New Years goals to be a rather personal thing, so I'm not going to blog all my plans for the year, but here's a taste of what I want to do:
  • I want to do more stuff like this with the boys. They both love science, and more hands-on activities would be right up their alley. Plus, it's cheaper than explosives, which is what they really want to play with (thanks, Mythbusters! You turds!)
  • Read more. 
  • Keep on track with school
  • Get back on track with my running.
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. We'll see how it goes.
I'm sorry, I can't be bothered with your "progress, " I've got a call to take.
• • •
Every once in a while I download photos from my camera and find shots like this:
Boys are fun!


Dani said...

She looks terribly thrilled to be making plans. :) Progress is good. I like progress. Yes. Progress.

Becky said...

Love it! Great post. Progress is a great word. Fits right into my thinking. I am not a fan of "new year's resolutions." I am just shooting to become better.