I want to tangent.

Tangent is one of those words that describe something that seems to need a better word to describe it than tangent, but I can't come up with a different word. Maybe if I change it to a verb? I'm going to tangent? Look at her, tangenting over there.
Will now write down some goals for the year, as is the custom of my people.
  • Finish my Life Science and Chemistry classes this semester. Gah, I feel sort of stressed and all full of fail already. I have until April 15thish. Go Jenn!
  • Make actual efforts to get my Etsy stocked. This requires figuring out what I want to make. Those of you who have seen me make things: What sorts of things should I make? I have a couple ideas, but am open to new ones.
  • Say no to more and do a better job at those things I say yes to. 
That got boring fast. Other goals include health stuff, exercise plans (I declare it the year of the 5Ks! as opposed to last year, which was the year of the, um, 5Ks) (actually, I'm supposed to run in a marathon relay in May, I think (I wonder if that's still on?) so this could be the year of 5Ks & MORE!), cleaning and organization ideas, blah, blah, shiny! The Bean! She is so funny. Today, her diaper was apparently not quite positioned correctly as she sat on my friends lap in church. Friend got peed on. Friend has GREAT sense of humor (thank heavens!) We were cracking up all the way to the bathroom. Cracked up even more when we realized there was a puddle on the floor! When baby girl's gotta go ... Also, the sweet lady behind us had a faux fur hat that Bean kept calling kitty. Sweet lady handed it to Bean and she spent a while petting it, playing peekaboo and putting it on her head. Hope she doesn't try that with our kitty.
School starts back up tomorrow, my friends. Christmas break drives me batty. I love summer, but Christmas break is just annoying.
And now I will go make things.

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