The Bean loves making plans.

The Bean may have looked unimpressed by my "plans," but I assure you, she was thrilled.
Until she caught a cold.
Now she's just rather gooey.
So, what progress has been made?
Well, I started rearranging/going through our loads of crap. Anyone interested in craft stuff? And a free couch and coffee table? Got to get rid of the couch and coffee table before the lovesac gets moved, which will allow the Man Cave to be reorganized, which will free up my office, which will help empty out my bedroom ...
It's a chain reaction. DIRTY WORD COUCH NEEDS TO GO.
Free couch anyone?
I've been crocheting. It only took four Youtube videos and a web site to figure out how to read the pattern, but I made a pretty spiral flower out of cheap yarn. I'm trying to build up the confidence to make it out of the slightly less cheap yarn I bought. The pattern is one of three yarn-related patterns I have purchased in the past month (DIRTY WORD ETSY). One is a knitting pattern and yeah, that's never going to get made.
I leave you with this: evidence of the Bean's mad dancing skillz, yo.
(Don't mind the piles of crap, it's all part of the "PROGRESS." Stupid progress.)
(Does she remind anyone else of those dancing Santas?)


Michelle S said...

Cute! I like how she won't take her feet off the floor to dance. Because then she'd fall over! Duh! =)
Sorry I don't need a couch. Good luck on the organizing though.

Dave and Mandi said...

Love it! and yes she does remind me of a dancing santa!!!