The Bean loves making plans.

The Bean may have looked unimpressed by my "plans," but I assure you, she was thrilled.
Until she caught a cold.
Now she's just rather gooey.
So, what progress has been made?
Well, I started rearranging/going through our loads of crap. Anyone interested in craft stuff? And a free couch and coffee table? Got to get rid of the couch and coffee table before the lovesac gets moved, which will allow the Man Cave to be reorganized, which will free up my office, which will help empty out my bedroom ...
It's a chain reaction. DIRTY WORD COUCH NEEDS TO GO.
Free couch anyone?
I've been crocheting. It only took four Youtube videos and a web site to figure out how to read the pattern, but I made a pretty spiral flower out of cheap yarn. I'm trying to build up the confidence to make it out of the slightly less cheap yarn I bought. The pattern is one of three yarn-related patterns I have purchased in the past month (DIRTY WORD ETSY). One is a knitting pattern and yeah, that's never going to get made.
I leave you with this: evidence of the Bean's mad dancing skillz, yo.
(Don't mind the piles of crap, it's all part of the "PROGRESS." Stupid progress.)
(Does she remind anyone else of those dancing Santas?)


These are my plans for the year.

The Bean is so excited to talk about "plans," even if we all know they are really goals.
I kind of hate the word goal. So I'll use the word plan! Sweet, problem solved.
There are a lot of people, especially in the scrapbooking world (including my sister), who come up with a word for the year, whether it be something to work on, something they hope for, whatever (idea comes from Ali Edwards).
I tried doing it a couple years ago, but I had a hard time coming up with a word, and I just couldn't stick with it as a theme for the year. But this year, as I read posts about what other people have chosen as their one little word, I actually had a word come to mind. Progress.
Now, I don't just mean it as a noun, or something I can see ("Man, have I made progress on the dishes!") (please let me make progress at something other than dishes this year). I also mean it as something I want to do. I want to progress in many areas. See how I did that? Smooth. I cut the word progress out of vinyl to put on my computer and my bathroom mirror. So we know I'm serious about my one little word. If it's in vinyl, I really mean it, right?
Now, I find New Years goals to be a rather personal thing, so I'm not going to blog all my plans for the year, but here's a taste of what I want to do:
  • I want to do more stuff like this with the boys. They both love science, and more hands-on activities would be right up their alley. Plus, it's cheaper than explosives, which is what they really want to play with (thanks, Mythbusters! You turds!)
  • Read more. 
  • Keep on track with school
  • Get back on track with my running.
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. We'll see how it goes.
I'm sorry, I can't be bothered with your "progress, " I've got a call to take.
• • •
Every once in a while I download photos from my camera and find shots like this:
Boys are fun!


I listen to a lot of music.

Playlist made on December 24, 2010, of songs I've loved this year (I've loved more, but CDs don't hold more): 
The Daylight Here, Lauren O'Connell and Nataly Dawn
Helplessly Hoping, Crosby, Stills & Nash
Timshel, Mumford & Sons
Such Great Heights, The Postal Service
Golden Slumbers, Ben Folds
Everytime I Go, Sarah Sample
Overjoyed, Stevie Wonder
I've Seen All Good People: A. Your Move, B. All Good People, Yes
Hourglass, Mindy Gledhill
Ye Elders Of Israel, The Lower Lights
If You Could Hie To Kolob, The Lower Lights
Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy, The Lower Lights
What I Wouldn't Do, A Fine Frenzy
Reckoner, Radiohead
Sparks, Coldplay
Makin' Out, Pomplamoose
Single Ladies, Pomplamoose Covering Beyonce
Numb, Sia
Something Good Can Work, Two Door Cinema Club
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, Fleet Foxes
Wake Up, Arcade Fire
I got an iTunes gift card for Christmas. $15 of new music! Heaven! I love new music, but kind of have a hard time finding new songs I like, so I asked for music recommendations on Facebook a little while ago. And then I ignored them all! Because I have issues!
Here's a taste of my music issues:
  1. I hate country. HHHHHAAAAATTTTTEEEEE. No. Just no.*
  2. I don't like music that feels overproduced. I like voices that sound like they could just be singing on the street corner.**
  3. I like real instruments to be used. I like hearing that squeaky sound made when a person's moving their fingers from one chord to the next on a guitar. I like REAL piano, not keyboards. I like REAL drums, not a drum machine.**
  4. I like the banjo.  ***
Enough issues? I got tired of listing them, so that's enough for now.
We've previously discussed my love of The Lower Lights. Well, many of the musicians involved in that group have their own solo endeavors. I bought Mindy Gledhill's and Sarah Sample's albums in 2010 and have really liked them, especially Sarah's. What I don't understand is this: I've always really liked listening to Ryan Tanner and Paul Jacobsen at the concerts. They're both very nice guys, from what I can tell the couple times I've met them. They really bring it at concerts (well, all The Lower Lights members do ...). But did I look into THEIR solo stuff? Nope.
So, this year's music purchases began with Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm (go take a listen. I command you!). And I am quite happy. But I still have $5 in iTunes. So, any recommendations? ****

* I appear to have a fondness for alt-country, but the singer can't have twang. NO TWANG. I guess I actually like the banjo and slide guitar used in interesting musical ways.
** These rules are subject to change if the song is just right. But it has to be just right.
*** Really. I really do.
**** I may actually listen to them! I swear!


I want to tangent.

Tangent is one of those words that describe something that seems to need a better word to describe it than tangent, but I can't come up with a different word. Maybe if I change it to a verb? I'm going to tangent? Look at her, tangenting over there.
Will now write down some goals for the year, as is the custom of my people.
  • Finish my Life Science and Chemistry classes this semester. Gah, I feel sort of stressed and all full of fail already. I have until April 15thish. Go Jenn!
  • Make actual efforts to get my Etsy stocked. This requires figuring out what I want to make. Those of you who have seen me make things: What sorts of things should I make? I have a couple ideas, but am open to new ones.
  • Say no to more and do a better job at those things I say yes to. 
That got boring fast. Other goals include health stuff, exercise plans (I declare it the year of the 5Ks! as opposed to last year, which was the year of the, um, 5Ks) (actually, I'm supposed to run in a marathon relay in May, I think (I wonder if that's still on?) so this could be the year of 5Ks & MORE!), cleaning and organization ideas, blah, blah, shiny! The Bean! She is so funny. Today, her diaper was apparently not quite positioned correctly as she sat on my friends lap in church. Friend got peed on. Friend has GREAT sense of humor (thank heavens!) We were cracking up all the way to the bathroom. Cracked up even more when we realized there was a puddle on the floor! When baby girl's gotta go ... Also, the sweet lady behind us had a faux fur hat that Bean kept calling kitty. Sweet lady handed it to Bean and she spent a while petting it, playing peekaboo and putting it on her head. Hope she doesn't try that with our kitty.
School starts back up tomorrow, my friends. Christmas break drives me batty. I love summer, but Christmas break is just annoying.
And now I will go make things.