These are the things on my mind.

Watch out, there are bullets involved (imagine bullet sound effect, done properly by a little boy, as these thoughts go whizzing past your head).

  • I have a lot of piano practicing to do. I am not a great pianist, especially when I am accompanying other people. Yet, I find myself being called upon to play, both at church and by my family. Is this some sort of using-your-talents-so-you-become-better thing? Or a that-which-you-persist-in-doing-will-become-easier-because-your-abilities-increase? Because I don't think it's working. Be prepared to sing a cappella, dear women at church. 
  • Speaking of bullets, did you know you can buy them in tins, for putting with your food storage? My name for these tins? Spammo. I am a marketing genius. 
  • A heartwarming Christmas scene, compliments of the Lego addicts around here. Everyone knows Christmas is R2-D2's favorite holiday, which he likes to spend with his close friends, Two-Face, Power Miner Guy, and the life of the party, the Shadow Snapper. Note the use of the force by Almost Darth Anakin. 
This IS the holiday season you are looking for ...
  • The Bean is FINALLY getting this whole walking thing! Except she now likes to walk to the top of the stairs and act like she's going to walk down the stairs. Freaks me out. How is she ever going to have an unbruised head if she insists on acting like a toddler?
  • I love my siblings. Just wanted to put that out there.
  • The Bean loves her some Santa. Obviously. 
She is our first Santa Screamer. We're so proud.
  • Took pictures at our neighborhood Christmas party, with the above long-suffering Santa. The Bean may have been the best screamer, although there were a couple kids that really gave her a run for her money.
  • Got a Silhouette, and haven't had the opportunity to properly play with it. Especially want to try cutting fabric for appliques with it. 
  • Have a lot of fabric. Must. Make. ... Things.
  • Um, must come up with things to make.
  • Actually, have plenty of things to make. Must narrow things down.
  • Pronouns are overrated.


Dani said...

Shut the front door! You got a Silhouette?!? I think I just got a little teary eyed. We can have machine twins! Or something. You'll love it. Love it. Let me know how the fabric goes, I'd be all over that. So far I've only done vinyl and paper. Eee! I'm super excited for you.

Oh and I love all that other stuff you wrote too. :)

~heidi said...

Wow! That was a lot to think about :) So, here is what I am thinking...first I think I see to many people make the work "think" and think thing/think are the same so they type "thing" and for some unknown reason when I am now typing, I think it has hurt my brain and my fingers want to type the "g" instead of the "k" but I have to tell myself that it is THINK not Thing and now as I am typing this, my fingers want to do the opposite and do the "k" instead of the "g". WOW! That hurt my brain (ugh...and whenever I put "in" such as in braIN, raIN, chaIN...well my fingers want to add the "g" and make brainG,rainG, chainG...you get the picture)..I think I need a nap or something, I am losing it :)
Fun post!!!!

Yes, lots of exclamation points are needed.