You are too normal to do this.

I love music. LOVE IT. But I am very particular about what I will listen to: NO country, no American Idol singers except sometimes Kelly Clarkson (okay, maybe not even her), extreme limits on the hair bands and 80s stuff. 
And, up until now, pretty much no LDS music. Not even Mo Tab. It just isn't my style of music, apologies to those who love it. I usually find something wrong with the song, whether it be the tempo, the singing, the over-produced sound of the music, the fact that it's a keyboard pretending to be a piano and a drum machine instead of real drums ... gah! I think my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it.*
But then, I was introduced to Scott Wiley. Well, not actually to him (wait, I did meet him briefly once, but at this point I hadn't), but to the music he produces. His album, Nearer, came out, and I read about it here, and voila, I had Sunday music.
And then, AND THEN ... I heard about The Lower Lights. One video, and I was hooked. And I waited impatiently for the album. I endured to the end! And I bought my album the day it came out. Wouldn't have been surprised if it was the hour it came out.
A whole bunch of musicians? Playing hymns the way they want? With MULTIPLE BANJOS? Yes, please. And now Sunday (who am I kidding, every day) is filled with this music.
I forced the entire family down to Provo to see them in the Rooftop Concert series. It was late, it was far (hour and a half one way) (oh, and the traffic! a BYU game, methinks?) and I really started doubting if it was a good idea, but I couldn't back down. I am so glad I didn't. It was wonderful, especially for Little B and me.
Afterward, Little B and I met several of the Lower Lights members:
With Debra Fotheringham and Cherie Call

With Ryan Tanner
Oh, how I wish taken pictures when he met Scott Wiley, Paul Jacobsen and Mindy Gledhill!
We're going with friends to their concert on November 20 and I can't wait.
So here's the dilemma, my friends. I want this band to succeed! Because I want them to make more albums for me for everyone! But I also want them to stay "my band" — you see my issue?
When something is starting out, you have the chance to feel like you are a part of it. And their Provo concert really allowed me to feel part of it.
So, apologies those who have musical skill and are actually members of The Lower Lights; I promise not to sing loud enough to be heard (you are so very welcome!) and I won't try to play any instruments (my piano is barely good enough for Relief Society, and I just don't think I could rock the tambourine better than Cjane), but I'm a part of your group.**

*Yes, I drive B nuts with this. Heck, I drive myself nuts!
**Oh, and Little B's in, too. He can be the group comic book artist. Doesn't every band need one?

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Julie said...

Just read all your posts. Loved the old blog, love the new blog and especially, I LOVE the title! I'm going right now to add you to my list!