• November appears to have sneaked up on everyone. I've ready many, many blog posts that say, "Can you believe it's November already?!?" "November already?" "Is it really November?"Yes, yes it is. I think this happens at the beginning of every month. 
  • Except maybe March. Seems like February lasts forever, especially in Utah. It's usually pretty gross outside, with dirty snow and lots of mud. So people will say, "It's finally March!" and "I'm so glad February is over!"
  • November did not sneak up on me. I knew it was coming. It was a natural progression. And I use a calendar, so when all the days of October were marked off, I knew it would be November. No sneaky months here. 
  • The Bean took a little step tonight. She is almost 15 months and not walking. Little B and J were both walking within a couple weeks of their first birthdays. Am a little weirded out by how long she's taking, but I'll get over it. 
  • Unless it's a serious problem. Thank heavens she took a step tonight! Now I can freak out over other things at 3 a.m.
  • I'm going to this concert. I saw them when they played the free Rooftop Concert Series. We hauled all the kids down there and even though J was EXHAUSTED and spent most of the concert laying on a blanket on the ground, everyone else loved it. Hey, perhaps another post I'll actually talk about that concert! And mention the new one!
  • You know, I want The Lower Lights to do well, of course, so they keep playing and putting out albums (I think I'm ready for another one) but there's also part of me that doesn't want them to do too well, because I want to still be able to go up to them after their shows and make an idiot of myself. That would be hard to do if their entourage and security detail gets big, due to their incredible fame. 
  • Although, now that I think about it, there are few things that prevent me from making an idiot of myself. That's a comforting thought. 
  • People, I love the banjo. And the piano. I love the banjo and the piano when they are used unexpectedly. And in bluegrass that isn't too bluegrassy. But not country. Never. Country.
  • The end.

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