We did some decorating.
I painted these canvases using images I found on the internet. The Frankensteins are outlines from the actual movies. The witch if from Martha, with the nose changed a bit.
This was purchased from a local farmer. Everyone thinks it looks like a regular pumpkin that was deflated somehow!
 Our kitchen table. I can't explain all the mustaches.
Left to right, J's pumpkin, Little B's, and my white one.
 J grew these tiny pumpkins in our garden. In fact, we got about 25 mini pumpkins. It was our most successful plant!


~heidi said...

The mustaches are quite awesome! The white pumpkin mustache, well, it looks like a mustache I had going on a week or so ago...hmmm.

Dani said...

I very much love the canvases. And those mini pumpkins are adorable. I had to buy mine. Next year, I'll just hire J. :)