Let's try this again ...

My old blog was not getting that much attention.
Well actually, neither of my old blogs were getting much attention.
The craft blog was being ignored.
The family blog was even more ignored.
I just wasn't 'feeling' either one of them, and wasn't able to get myself motivated to post anything.
So, what to do?
Start a new blog! This is a fresh start, and hopefully will get a lot more attention than the old ones!
And I actually have something to share, right off the bat! We should be so proud of me.
My sweet little niece G celebrated her first birthday earlier this month, and that required a dress. 
 She looks absolutely amazing in yellow, so I chose a yellow 'linen look' from JoAnn's and used my favorite pattern that I can't find right now. I love the pattern because the dresses can be worn with leggings when they are not long enough to wear as dresses.
The pattern calls for bias tape around the neckline and sleeves, but I used elastic instead. The flower was made by folding a strip of fabric in half lengthwise, basting it just inside the fold, then gathering it and twisting it into a flower. I handstitched it to the dress.
I haven't gotten to see it on G, and to tell you the truth, I'm afraid the sleeves are too small. That would be typical of me. Should check with my sister to see if it fits!
After making this dress, I just had to make more, so I whipped up 4 from the same pattern for my own little one, The Bean. I'll have to get some pictures taken of those.
Well, whew! A first post! And hopefully more to come. I love reading blogs, and sharing in other people's creativity. Hopefully I have something creative to share with others, too!


Nicole said...

I tried to give your old blog attention, but if you don't update it, it makes it hard :P I wish I was crafty like you! Love you cousin!

Mel said...

We love it!
Honestly, I haven't seen it on her either because G is so adamant about crawling straight to the dirtiest place she can find, she ruins clothes like immediately. As soon as she starts to prefer walking, I'm putting it on her and taking pictures.
For now, it hangs lovingly on the wall of her nursery, where I can just stare at it and imagine a world with no dirty, scuffed knees.
(Also, I'm really glad you're blogging again.)