I love these things today, but will I later? How much do tastes change once you become an adult? I know for certain that my tastes have changed from childhood and my teenage years. All I have to do is look at pictures. Pictures that I won't put up here, for your sakes, gentle reader. Of course, pictures taken of me now are almost worse. I have a couple friends who are always quick with their camera phones when I'm being an idiot. I just have no pride now.
There's a little town in Capital Reef National Park called Fruita that has been turned into a museum of sorts. It used to be a living town, with orchards, but the people were nudged out, for want of a better term, so no one lives there now. It's beautiful, and my favorite part of visiting Capital Reef. I loved seeing these baby clothes ...
I love this dress. You can't tell too much from the picture, but it is long, like a blessing or christening dress.  I wanted to make The Bean's blessing dress, but B's grandma wanted to purchase one for her, which was very sweet. The dress ended up being lovely, and I was grateful because it really relieved my stress at the time, but I still want to make a blessing dress! I have several patterns now that range from simple to fancy schmancy. Perhaps I'll have someone to make one for someday. Of course, they may just want to borrow The Bean's dress!
 I also loved this dress. It looks so cool, and the hand stitched detail along the bottom was very sweet. I would like a dress like this for me! But I'll probably just go buy another housecoat from Wal Mart, because that's the way I roll these days. You know, with a zipper up the front? So I can wear it to get the mail? My neighbors are very lucky people.
I want one of these looms, too. I'll have to visit Fruita again to remember what the rugs you make on it look like. Because someone didn't take a picture. Blasted someone.
 And it's important to visit the fly-riddled horses outside while wearing your largest hats or your stripiest stripes. Sweet.
Also well loved, at least for now:
This girl's style. The Bean will grow hair someday, right? RIGHT?!?
This facepainting. Must do. But I'm thinking snakes.
This binding technique. Think I need to try it on my simple receiving blankets.

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